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Privacy Policy

FTZ Industries understands the sensitive nature of our user's personal information and in order to promote this understanding the company has developed the following privacy policy.

IP Addresses

FTZ Industries will collect IP addresses of users that enter our website. IP addresses are automatically created when a user signs onto the Internet. Use of this information may include keeping track of the time spent on our site, noting the pages that user visited, the type of browser used to access the site, what links the user may have used to enter our site, and to assess the geographical regions of our users.


FTZ Industries uses files called cookies to help both the company and user most effectively manage their online experience. Specifically, cookies often assist the user with preferences created within the FTZ Industries website such as login information, shopping cart management and other personalization. These often-temporary files do not provide any personal information not already given and cannot be used to access other personal information that the user has not independently provided.

Personal Information

Users in some cases will be required to provide personal information to take advantage of all aspects of the website. This may include addresses, existing account information, financial information and other information deemed necessary by FTZ Industries management and/or the Terms and Conditions in existence at the time.

FTZ Industries will not sell the personal information gained and will only use the information to effectively manage our business and make our users aware of products that FTZ Industries believes will be of interest to the user.

Credit Card Orders

We offer the additional protection of a secured server. When you place orders we will provide the use of a secured server for your protection.


FTZ Industries may at any time change its Privacy Policy and its Terms and Conditions. Please check with FTZ Industries regularly to be aware of any such changes.